How to Create A Peephole POV in After Effects

The fine folks at Premium Beat put together an excellent tutorial on creating a Peephole POV look using Adobe After Effects!

 This is a great way to add quality visual effects to any project your working on by adding a classic Peephole POV in After Effects.


I’m sure everyone has seen the classic peephole point-of-view shot. These shots have appeared countless times throughout film and television history. Peepholes POV shots can really add an interesting dynamic to your scene. You can produce this effect in a number of ways, from using an extreme fish-eye lens, to using a cardboard cut-out to create a vignette (a technique employed by many no-budget filmmakers). However, for this tutorial, we’re going to create the shot with a wide angle lens — the wider, the better.

With both visual and written instructions to follow they also provide the raw footage used to practice with! 


Check out the full tutorial here!